As I Understand My Work

Myself I consider selftaught – one semester at the Freie Kunstschule Berlin – in a positive sense: free and open, unspoiled by wrong education, free to find my own way. In painting I follow my inner sense. My most intense preoccupations have been to transpose into the visual the contents of dreams and to show the human face in its most varied states of the soul as well as to depict freely the human form.

Color is of great importance to me, I use it purely intuitively und unacademically. The eye is to be invited to look. Lately, I am engaged in exploring pure color as such and its interactions, largely free of figuration. In our culture dominated by rational thinking, I want to address the experience of the senses through color in the human being. Is it too trite to bring joy to human beings through art or is it necessary to come up with most profound concepts which mostly are not understood at all and in front of which the onlooker stands confused and alienated? Or, so say it with Grieshaber: „I think that also through art and poetry the world can be changed, as long as one does it. The doing is what makes the difference. A doing which remains always connected to the rules of its art. The substance of an art which is beyond the rules proves itself only by prevailing over time.“

I do not want to succumb to optic stereotypes nor trends. As a sculptor I work with wood and stone thematically revolving around the human face and figure. For about 14 years now, my work as an artist has been complemented by meditation. I wish to make out of art, life and meditation a living triad. Thus for me the idea of holy spaces is becoming more and more central the holy being a term which in the western world has almost totally lost its meaning. Retracing it inside, I painted a chapel in the Clinica Santa Croce, Orselina/Switzerland and created a „Holy Circle“ of wooden sculptues.